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Feb 2019
(You could try falling in love
With the horizon line of your cityscape,
Or the crack in your garage roof,
Or the stars that flash and go
Like a prize that's changed hands so many times,
It's lost sight of its value
In a world driven madly by the urge
To move forward, whatever the cost.)

Somewhere in the Central Valley,
"I WANNA ABIDE BY HIS LOVE" is written in black Sharpee along the blank screen of a cathode TV that's been abandoned to the sands.

You get up midday.
You do **** around the house.
You take a fentanyl.
You stand in the doorway.
You smoke a cigarette.

You watch the sun descend behind the fence at the end of your yard.

You go to bed.

And it's just life again.
It's life upon you, baby.
Written by
SJG  25
       Fawn, Crazy Diamond Kristy and Perry
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