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Feb 18
How beautiful did it all feel like
When you fabricated your doting self

Each time I gently pushed all my hair, behind my ears,
only to confront the zephyr from your rose like lips,
I failed to espy the thorns it bore.

Each time I’d smile to a crisp lie
Overlooking the fact that you had done it again,
You’d always do it “one more time”
And I’d always unsee the paradigm.

How beautiful did it all feel like when you perceived me as personage
Worthy of your attention
Worthy to have a claim on some 5 seconds of your life
Which you floundered to call mine otherwise

You were just busy. I dispelled my doubts
but you do love me. And its you I couldn’t do without

Each time I am pushed to pacify my kernel
I invent this story of how everything you do,

Is so that one day, you can see me
burgeon into a beautiful  flower
Never did I know you’d pick me
to impress another bossom, that very hour

Sometimes I hinted the stray in you
But, when had I ever learnt, to put enough trust into myself.
So each time you told me you wanted to stay
I’d let you. I’d let you in, and I’d tell myself, come what may
You’re the person I love, today, tomorrow and everyday

How beautiful did it all feel like
When I refuted the presence of your masquerade
When each time you’d destroy me with a different raid
and I still liked to believe you’d be there to aid

You are just busy. I dispell my doubts.
But you do love me. And its you I can’t do without.
Ojaswee Das
Written by
Ojaswee Das  15/F/nepal
   Perry and Fawn
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