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Feb 2019
Flood of emotions inside of me,
I have no room for more,
it’s getting hard to reign them in,
they keep banging on the door.

I heard you ask me something,
I was lost in my thoughts,
I looked up to give you an answer
I realized I had already fought.

I stood and stared at you,
your lips kept moving,
your face turned red,
I sensed the  water rising.

Now, we had an audience.
They watched us bicker.
I felt I lost my respect &
Maybe you felt you lost yours.

I tried to walk away,
you held my hand,
you sweetly apologized,
I felt the anger was long gone.

I went back into my world of chaos
You went into yours,
Just when I was proud, we didn’t make a spectacle,
You did the unthinkable.

I heard you yell my name,
My heart shivered for I knew what was ahead,
I pretended to play it cool,
I played it to the galleries,
I have learnt it from you.

Yes, I said it’s not a big deal, let it go,
You proved me right again, it wasn’t to let go.
You say I bring out the worst in you,
Well! the feeling is mutual.
How’d you explain I was laughing my heart out only a moment ago.

You bring your face close to mine,
I know it’s not for a kiss,
Your fingers have measured me many times,
I just hope now it won’t be a miss.

You unleash your anger at me for an innocent mistake,
I hurt you where it hurts you the most,
I listened to you for the first time, I didn’t let go,

You want to end but it’s too late for me,
I have lost the keys,
I can’t hold them anymore, I am
Just a piece.

I have flood of emotions inside of me,
I have flood of emotions inside of me,
Can’t hold them anymore,
Can’t let them be.
Pooja Basnett
Written by
Pooja Basnett  F/UK
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