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Feb 18
Throughout a life there needs to be
a constant shift.
Between multiple fractions
of a complete and satisfied whole.

Throughout a life one would agree,
to keep from being adrift,
numerous actions
sway together to satisfy the soul.

We seem to be lost somewhere between
nature and construction…

nature’s presence provides a sense of honesty
it offers the truth and the trust formed of balance between animated and inanimate

the unforgiving storms,
                                            bitter winters,
              barren droughts,
    whirling winds        that        marks
its      passing          with          devastation

           ­            the beaming ball
                                      of warmth and life,
                                 brisk breezes,
                        polka dotted
                star-speckled skies,
                             multicolored changes
                                      of the day
                                        prominent as a painting

harsh reminders of its inevitable presence
an awareness and balance can teach a phenomenal lesson
Written by
kailey  17/F
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