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Feb 15
Migraine building up,
Could have anything in life, ‘cept a little love.
Because as much as I try to sit through the pain,
All i can hear outside is rain!

This is my eulogy song, print it in black.
This is my happy ever never, as in never coming back!
I tried so hard to love you,
Now i would prefer, to undiscover you.
What happened to the me, that was happy and hyper?
Got taken away, no one paid… The Piper.

In a perfect world, I would be a different man,
Instead of the scared rabbit, the dog with the plan.
But i don’t see us ever working out,
Now can you tell me what that’s about?
Your lies and deceptions now fall on deaf ears,
I’m in tears!

Trying to find a way to calm my rage.
So I start a new empty canvas. Just another blank page.
But as much as i would love to, i just can't cope,
Keep churning out songs, I’m losing all hope.

I used to believe, i had a purpose.
Now i'm stuck on my own, waiting for my faith to resurface.
Staring at this no-longer blank page, maybe it can guide me.
Maybe it can come to life, in actuality!
Postal Leo
Written by
Postal Leo  16/M/Good Ol' Texas
(16/M/Good Ol' Texas)   
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