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Jan 2013
What brings of great value be whether monetary or not,
Or shall it be the great minded folks with wisdom's forgot,
Where the key of life is but knowledge says he,
But shall'st neither can love strike even greater be.
May it be to befriend those who treat friendship dearly,
Or among'st the family and bonds that grows sincerely.
Shall can it be, the beauty of the facade of thy face,
Or living peacefully among'st the natural and humanoid place?
What greater value can topple the value of trust?
Unless the deceptionous ways is a greater must.
Then what shall'st be the greatest value in life be?
Is it the foolish American'ic ways of thinking I am free?
For even some folks or virgins may deem that it be just a single ****,
Be'st none of that, for the greatest thing in life is but mere and utter luck.
A mere discussion among'st the most important thing in life. Money? Wisdom? Knowledge? Love, etc?
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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