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Feb 14
Never had a Valentine I'm 27 pathetic right
First kiss was a dancer by profession
Not professional just dim lights and cheap velvet
I was 19 she was 45
Told me I reminded her of her daughter
She's still pushing up daisies in her suicidal garden
I wanted mine to be covered in four leaf clovers
I'm a self proclaimed oddball
Reclusive nature is my cowardice
It leads to uneasy easy comfort
Long for contact from other humans
Yet detest them at the same time
I love music like every breathing being loves water
Still I dance with two left feet
Fashion sense resembles a jester
Yet again it's uneasy easy comfort
Finding balance in chemical imbalance
Had plenty talents
Still too trapped in my own cerebral functioning
Biggest accomplishment is that I'm a caretaker
Oddly enough I barely take care of myself
Thought it just fine as long as I had a wicked liquid buzz
Or heavily ****** like a witch in colonial times
Now I jumped state but I really couldn't flee
From my problems
Said plenty of times that I hate people
Said plenty of times that I hate girls that fawn over
Guys I consider schmucks
Truth is I must hate myself
Most days
Written by
IcarusHatesSun  27/M/Phoenix Arizona
(27/M/Phoenix Arizona)   
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