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Feb 2019
Is a **** considered art?
Especially if done well?
Own your stink and wear it well
Mastered, certain, to excel

Let it go, loud and proud
Hot air rises, I just found out
Subtle hints, a certain smell
Right before the dinner bell

Try spinach, cabbage, as well as milk
For the best results
I think you’ll find it helpful
If you were to start a cult

Train yourself to **** at will
Fog the mirror near the windowsill
I meant no harm
Relax, act chill

Pay it off, with a dollar bill
Then blame the dog
For a cheap thrill

A silent assassin
Creeps inside your nose
Just one whiff is all you’ll need
For you to become exposed

A toxic mix so strong it knows
To run for cover before it blows
Jason Paul Klenetsky
Written by
Jason Paul Klenetsky  45/M/Florida
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