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Jan 2013
Slowly changing the scalpels blade while peering down at your neck
A number four stainless steel handle is now gripped in my claw
Racing thoughts of how it will feel now rush through my mind
Circling around high in the sky, I’m looking hard and hard I inspect.

I hungered for this day and it seemed I waited for it O’ so long
It will surely be different, and I bet it’s only a one of a kind
So clean the cut, it has to be, no mistakes will they ever see
I saw it done many times now, my mentor taught me well
Regurgitated one last time he then nudged me out the nest
It’s now my first time and believe me, he always puts me to the test.

With my hand held up high I swoop down like an eagle on the attack
When calling hours come I’ll prove to you I’ll get an A for my grade
You only get one chance, I can’t afford to fail, and I’m not staying back.

Friends now gather around and the mourners they all weep
As you laid there in your music box…
I heard someone say…
That she looks, peacefully asleep

(SirCARSr. 1-28-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
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