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Feb 2019
I know. I was there. I am here.
You are never alone. Turn to me and I will be your comfort and your peace. One day I will dry your eyes and the joy will never cease. I know you feel pain right now so deep and so profound. Caught in the undertow of sorrow and feeling like you’ve drowned. I know. I was there. I am here. I have never let you go. You have never left my sight. Trust in me and everything will turn out all right. I know it seems like the end right now but you don’t know the plot. Please believe me when I say that, the end, it is not. I was there nailed on the cross and I felt all: the pain the sadness the loss. I took it all so you that you could understand and place your hand in my hand. I have danced. I have laughed and I have wept. I understand how it feels to lose someone you love. But I also know they look down from above. No more hurt and no more hunger no more older no more younger. No more sickness no more death. Only joy and praise with every single breath. I know sometimes you wonder about the meaning of it all. And sometimes you question whom and when I call. I know it seems impossible now, but you must remember and move on. Remember that nothing is impossible with me. I know. I was there. I am here. On the days when it gets too hard, lean on me and I will help you up. I will give you the strength you need as you eat this bread and drink this cup. I know. I was there. I am here. Let this be a gentle reminder not to take life for granted but to live each moment out. Live each day as if today was your last day; make every second count. I know. I was there. I am here but do not live in fear. I am with you now and always even through the end of the age. The world and it’s things are fleeting and will eventually pass away, but the word of the Lord is eternal and His love is here to stay. I know. I was there. I am here. I love you. Be at peace.
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
   Em MacKenzie and Juneau
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