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Feb 2019
Muslims are not to date.

But you've seen him kissing Kate.

Zayd, Khalid, Luqman don't care that ALLAH tells us to wait.

They flash their sinful pictures straight.

Without shame, a number of my brothers show children watching how to fake mate.

Selfish, self-centered, I do what I want to do is happening at a fast rate.

Most of them who date know ALLAH regards their actions with hate.

Persistence to do wrong, to fake date Kate, prevents them from moving in a direction that is straight.

Maybe their children, ones they were never told about would have entered the world as ******* late.

Maybe their done away with babies would have exited the world as ALLAH'S slaves who used Islamic knowledge as bait.

Before marriage it is said, I love you, You're hot; Kate steals these phrases from the role of a wife and uses them to increase her heart rate.

They share a bed and have *** but what they want not to know is that they fornicate.

A load of grave sins they accrue and a heavy punishment from ALLAH if they do not feel guilty, if they do not repent, if they do not end what they perpetuate.

Many practicing Muslim maids want not to marry them. Little do those who fake date Kate know that their actions likely got in the way of GOD'S good fate.

That their use and abuse of ALLAH'S fashioned female and a Father's beloved daughter, violates her like how a dog with his razor-sharp teeth on her arm viciously ate.

He and Kate with memories to relive the sores and bruises, the trauma and incidents of disobedience whichΒ cut off grace from ALLAH, The Great.

You're going to make wait late.

You're going to fake date Kate.
Written by
Najwa Kareem
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