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Feb 11
You’ve never looked better,
In that cashmere sweater,
I’ve never felt warmer,
In this chilly weather,
Holding your hand,
Two souls together.

Our first cigarette,
We chuckle,
Feeling defiant,
Chanting obscenities at the world,
We were best friends,
Me and my t-shirts,
You and your sweaters.

I still smell your perfume,
I still hear your laugh,
I still remember trying to light that first cigarette,
It was us against the world.

I remember our first argument,
That day on the beach,
I told you a band ******,
You threw your sandal at me.

A fight turned into a wrestle,
A wrestle turned into a swim,
Pushed you in the cold water,
With that same cashmere sweater,
That reminded me of the chilly weather,
And the first cigarette,
And the defiance,
And the hope.

Never in my life will I forget,
The memories,
Your laugh,
Your smile,
Happiness reigns in the shadows of loss,
You are still my happy place.

On chilly days,
I buy a pack of cigarettes,
I know I don’t smoke anymore,
But I miss the taste,
The taste of the memories we had.

I go to my room and look at our photos,
The same ones we took on that very day,
I hold my new cashmere sweater,
And I sit and remember,
What it felt like when I was home.
Michael Lopez Jr
Written by
Michael Lopez Jr  21/M/Cali
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