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Am I afraid if I make you my poetry
That I might just get too lost in you
Am I afraid of writing the wrong words
Afraid you won’t want to read them
Afraid you don’t want to be my poetry
Our Father says perfect love casts out fear
Because fear involves torment and he who fears is not made perfect in love
For the grace to love you without hesitation
To triumph over the nightmares that reveal my insecurities
To break through the barriers that separate our hearts and our dreams and the things unseen
When forever was a dream, I choose to overlook-
But now that it’s right, and you are forever mine, why would I only focus on the things I can’t find
and not try to find out who you really are
Why would I not dream for you
And laugh with you
And bring out the best
Why would I now not try to be your friend
To some “ I do” is really a death sentence- their relationship drowning in unmet expectations
Bitterness and the list of hurts ever growing and promptly kept,
and the love does not survive the fire, the heights or the depths
May it not be so with us
May we be full of the joy from above
Of the peace that passes understanding
Of the forgiveness that conquers the deepest of pains
Drawn only and freely from Immanuel’s veins
I have a dream for us to be all that He wills
Exceedingly and abundantly above all my small ideals
According to the power at work within us,
When Christ is all, when we are One, for we are His and He has won.
Melissa Veilleux
Written by
Melissa Veilleux  23/F
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