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Dark purple in my head
Cushioning gray matter

Dark purple in my chest
Beating to and fro

Dark purple in my gut
Filtering out so slow

Dark purple in my back
Liquid pouring through

Dark purple flowing in my veins
To gather more of breath

Dark purple close under skin
Covering muscles lying within

Dark purple means so much to us
It keeps us on our feet

Dark purple is the first in view
When death it does violently visit

Dark purple seeps outside the ear
When gunshots they do ring

Dark purple is the thing we bear
When gut wounds tear within

Dark purple is the thing we say
That first shows when skin does flay

Dark purple pools around the corpse
When throes of death do come

Dark purple seeps out of the head
When lo’ we are among the dead
So much of our bodies are dark purple.  It’s amazing how one color can permeate so much of us.
Written by
Scott  M/Las Montanas
(M/Las Montanas)   
     Sean Fitzpatrick, tina lombardo and Scott
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