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Feb 10
I was Told your Poems I Shouldn't Hold if they don't Like Mine I Shouldn't like There's,............ Well
For Your Opinion No One Care's You Must Be the Kind of Person Who Stare's
You Have No Idea What Theese words Do Because To you They ain't True your Mind Set Seems So Blue,
On My Life You Got no Clue for Some of us This Therapy is Glue so,,,,, Forget those Few they Would Mabey Care if They Only Just Knew,,,,
                    I Like What I Relate to
        And I Love What I Find to be True
       And Share What I Think Helps You
                 This Writting thing to Me is
                                 Relatively Still New
So I Listen To Every Opinion
I Hold it in Consideration......
But it Causes Me Frustration..........
And yes if People Don't Notice My Writting I Wonder Why I Keep Fighting But What Matters Most is That I've Found A way of.......................
                                       ­     SURVIVING!
I do this regardless but it's the likes, loves, and shares that make me feel noticed thank you if your the one taking the time to read and understand it means a hell of alot to me ignore the haters
Written by
Skywlkr  30/M/Ayrshire
       ---, M-E, sue, Perry and ꏳJ LꂦVꏂ
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