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This is a story, of a girl, who's heart is in a million tiny shards.
Thrown viciously upon the wooden floor, like an old pack of playing cards.

She hides so very well, the hurt she feels within,
The cuts are so deep inside her heart, instead of on her skin.
And she wishes she could tell someone, she really isn't okay,
And that she contemplates suicide, each and every day.

As she lies in her bed each dark and torturous night,
The fake smile she always wears, slips as she gives up the fight.
And the bottled up emotions she managed to hide so well,
Are streaming down her cheeks, forming a staircase deeper into ****.

This girl knows exactly how it is, to feel so utterly betrayed and hurt.
And yet she always must feel, like a piece of dirt.
Her past is hard to forget, as there was not a lot of bliss,
And when she is finally able to let it go, there wont be a thing to miss.

I know exactly how this girls life must be,
And I know because this horrid story, it belongs to me.
My story is truly a guide to my life which is the staircase to ****/ your worst nightmare!!!
Alyssa Herndon
Written by
Alyssa Herndon  14/Two-Spirit/Jacksonville, Florida
(14/Two-Spirit/Jacksonville, Florida)   
   M-E and Suzanna Berlinsky
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