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Feb 8
Did you know that elephants can fly?
And fairies never die?
What about, that cows don't cry?
Or even that pigs can fry...

Have you ever seen a snail walk?
A t-rex draw with chalk?
A goose soar like a hawk?
Or a unicorn talk...
about politics?

You haven't heard a penguin laugh?
Or seen a gorilla fold in half?
Found a beanstalk taller than a giraffe?
Not even seen a duck choreograph...
a music video?

Did you see that buffalo fly that kite?
Watched the peacock dive from height?
Met a llama thats actually polite?
You didn't hear the goldfish recite...

Well I must say
you are quite absurd,
for I
have experienced them all.
Written by
pable  England
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