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Feb 8
[Nocturnal by Disclosure & The Weeknd is playing in the background.]

I know I love ***.
You know I love ***
Everybody knows I love ***
Though it's hard to sleep
when lately every lady that I meet
when lately every lady that I ****
I see pieces of you in all of them
I see shapes of you
within the shape of her
When she's under me
or when I'm under her
The moaning, the passion, the sweat
Elicits the sweet memories of you
The feeling of the wetness of your *****
Against the landscapes of my fingertips
the softness of your sweet, supple *******
the warmth of your breath in my ear
as I continue to rub your ***** lovingly
the way your hand caresses my face
the way your body moves counterclockwise with mine
I try to tell myself that I'll move on from you
I try to run away from you
I try to forget you
but how can I forget you?
when you're everywhere I lay my head?
Xoaquín Oznian
Written by
Xoaquín Oznian  USA
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