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Feb 8
When I was a child
I was taught we are born with a god-shaped hole in our hearts
So I tried
To fill that hole with all the god I possibly could
But still I was empty
So I built a mask
And covered the hole
Because what else could a “good Christian girl” do?
I desperately hid my emptiness
until you.
You saw my mask for what it was:
A lie to hide my misery.
You saw the toxic lie long before me
And you opened my eyes to the truth.
You were the spark
That burned my mask away.

And I am finally free

The void exists in all of us
And we all search to fill it
We try gods of every form and color and character, and once we realize gods are worthless we try:


What fills the void we all hold?
What? When we are all just lonely animals existing
and longing for more.
Written by
Lorrin  21/F
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