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Feb 7
The girl becomes gasoline
When you treat her like she's worth nothing,
When you play with her heart
Lighting it on fire
And walking away
After making her believe that you're the one that is going to stay
After she spreads her legs for you only to be ****** over
Well trust me, she's ******* over it.

The girl becomes gasoline
When you make it seem like
You are the one who will love her this time
Only to wave goodbye
After getting in her pants
She wishes she could wrap her hands
Around your neck and choke the living **** out of you
For making her feel like she's been used.

The girl becomes gasoline
When even after being hurt so much
She decides to give you her love
She doesn't have much trust left
And you decide to rob her of it, rather than accepting it instead

You people who are users, fakers, thieves
You deserve to suffer endlessly
Because of you, the girl becomes gasoline
And I wish it wasn't true, but that girl is me.
Written by
Madison  20/F
   FraisDeLaFerme and Perry
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