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Feb 7
I was on a date about two months ago,
It was a sunset picnic
I thought it was so romantic,
He seemed nervous to hold my hand
Talking about all the bands we liked
He was hoping I might come over
So I said sure,
I didn't get bad vibes from him.
I pull into his driveway
We go inside and
Next thing you know
He's trying to take my clothes off
What the **** happened to love?

I let someone tattoo me
A couple weeks ago
We hit it off instantly,
This immediate powerful energy
I asked if he would take things slow with me
Because I had been hurt recently
He did
(At first)
I fell hard and I fell fast,
I loved what we had,
It seemed like it was going to last
So I let him in, I opened up and alas
He said he "just wanted to be friends"
And just like that, it came to an end
What the **** happened to love?

I had a conversation with a classmate
A couple days ago
He could tell I was down
Asked me why I wore a frown,
He said I can tell you've been hurt
Please don't cry, they're not worth it
I told him how I am continuously being used
Whether it's for ***, support, and how I'm not amused
That no one cares about love anymore,
It's all about getting into someone else's drawers
He said I understand your frustration,
Welcome to our generation.
The conversation was nice,
But I had to think twice
Once he started complimenting me on my ***
I couldn't believe it took that turn so fast
Asking if I would give him a chance
But not with my heart, just to get inside my pants

I am so ******* over this *******.
Written by
Madison  20/F
     forgotten and Perry
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