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Feb 7
He's a stranger
But not really
We're the closest
I tell him literally everything
He does too
We saved each other
From a black hole
Am really happy
He's there for me
I never felt this attached to someone
And for what he did for me
I will always do my best
To never let him go
To never let him down again
To never leave him alone
To always be there for him
To always comfort him
Whenever he needs me to
I have nothing to offer
But my love
And care
And attention
I will do anything for him
Just to make him happy again
Just like he did for me
I've never been this happy
Because of someone
And it's not love-love
But it's real
Cause i never cared this much
About a random person
May you always stay with me
So i could make a change
In you, your life
Just like you did mine
Written by
The Toxic Bitch  F
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