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Feb 7
I wonder when you will die.
It is inevitable,
I suppose.
But I have been so focused
Upon my own mortality, I forgot
All about yours.
With your jovial pursuit of nothing,
No impossible search for purpose
(Destined to end)
You seemed immortal.
For a short time, you gave me joy.
*give me joy.
On drugs like those,
Mourning is unnecessary.
The future will not come to you,
Not while you move
Nor while you rest
Not in my arms
I cradle your mind in mine
You will never need to attain rest
While you are at peace with me
And I have a piece of you
That you cannot live without:
Even your heart.
And without life, you shall never die.
Save a love, save a life.
Written by
Xallan  111/Other/Hellas Planitia
(111/Other/Hellas Planitia)   
   Fawn, Shiv Pratap Pal and ---
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