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Jan 2013
Some sit there and take in the message of the word.
While you wonder about others seated next to you.
If the message was ever heard.

Some sit and say amen to the truth.
Whle you still ponder what's going on next to you.

Church folks.
The people, who say there come for the word.

Sometimes you wonder.
Wonder, what change after church?
Where outside you see the attitudes change?

People arguing over almost anything.
Not that they are not legit.
But there's a time and a place.

Church folks.
This inner family of members.
Where you only need three touching and agreeing?
Except, even them seems bent on debating.

Was the minister's message ever heard?
Did they not listen to the mesaages of the sermon?

And what about the visitors?
Do you think as church folks you left a good mark upon them?
Least, to ever return again.

Church men.
Yes, many church ladies knows the creeps amongst them.
Always trying to hit upon them.

And the church women.
Even some creeps in the ministry is trying to eye even them.

Church folks.
Oh, they comes in many varieties.
But without them
Where would we be?

They do pray for you.
As they do me.
jeffrey conyers
Written by
jeffrey conyers  united states
(united states)   
   Prerna Padlikar
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