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Feb 6
Is it too much? By Nikki R.

Is it to much to ask that people love one another?
I mean the same type of love that one has for their mother!

Is it to **** much to ask that people be honest?
I mean the type of honest like when you were a kid and said. “A promise is a promise is a promise!”

Is it too much for us to look beyond a person’s color, religion, ethnicity, or creed?
I mean with all this being said you bleed, I bleed, we bleed —the same color blood! Yes, Indeed!

Is it too much to ask that we stand as one, sing in unison, or march to the beat of the same drum?

Is it too much I ask?
I am pleading that we start to work together as one before this great country of ours dwindles and the day is done.

Stand up! Unite! Fight!  
Is it too much to ask that you simply do what’s right!!!
Nicole Rountree
Written by
Nicole Rountree
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