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Jan 2013
One day
I was walking
Down Heller’s street
When I heard

Some loud
Kids playing
It was a busy day
As I was to turned

The corner
I heard
If I am sure
Someone bellowed

You are not human
As I was curious
To know
Who made such a comment

And to whom it was made reference to
As I looked around
There was a guy
From the ping pong store

Just shouting
On top of his voice
In such rage
To another guy
I stood still

As the guy
Shouting dressed in an apple shirt
To the other guy
Who was in a navy blue shirt
“You are not human”

The navy blue guy responded,
If I am not human
What am I?
There was a silence

The navy blue guy
Repeated himself
Trying to compel
The other guy to respond
But the other guy was too distraught

Or lost of words
I would presume
He just hung his head
And walked off

And we were all
Left in Aw
Not knowing
What really transpired
Or what the discrepancy

Was all about
But one thing
For sure
That was left prominent
In our heads

Was the awakening
That left us all mute
If I am not human
What am I?

All Rights Reserved.
Christena Williams
Christena AV Williams
   Joe Adomavicia and Chuck
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