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Feb 3
Jamie's been pranking me as far as I can remember.
Today's my turn!
I hid behind his door with my cleverly placed trap.
A simple banana peel would do the trick.
I had carefully placed it behind his door,
He would simply step on it and slip,
I would stand over his fallen body and laugh out loud.
I smirked at my evil master plan.
Now Jamie's footsteps approached,
It got closer... and then the door opened,
My heart raced as I awaited my moment of triumph.
Jamie stepped on the peel...
He landed ******* the floor.
But not with his back as I had imagined,
Jamie landed with his head...
He let out a loud cry,
He was in a pool of blood,
Jamie was now silent.
"Jamie"," Jamie" I cried out.
Paralysed with fear and guilt.
This wasn't the plan Jamie.
Please wake up!
Mum! Mum!! Mum!!
Pranks are fun, but they can go overboard and cause harm
Written by
Victor Esekwe
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