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Feb 2019
Icicles hang
Temporarily melted by low winter sun
Under the pristine crystal skies
You and I hung

Like metamorphosing butterflies
Webs of intricate thought
Are simultaneously spun

At night we're stunned
By the unfiltered cosmos
In its ultimate wisdom

No pressure of life
No consequence of decision

The stars are the headlamps
Resurrected by the crisp air
We are the paralysed and mystified
The rabbits in the cross hairs

We care not, the why, when nor how

Time and emotions are frozen
Starstruck..You and I
Lazily gliding through the mirrored still ocean

What wisdom lingers here?
In the pauses between thoughts...
What currents guide us here?
My fellow cosmonauts
Written by
Syd  35/M/UK
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