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Feb 3
even if you were to meet a
bitter fate i would sputter a short
loaded laugh and say you
deserved it

but first lemme meet you face to face
get to **** with your ***** habits xan cigarettes plastic hoes and all that ****
all you front and all you back

cant say i'd love you even after all this
cant say i still love you even as i write this
cant say i loved you.

but lemme be there with you at the last curtain call

lemme be there with you when you take the fall

that is, if you
hope ya learn to be a better human at 20, cutie
its weird im attached in a way that even if u meet ur demise im okay as long as im there close enough to feel your warm blood splattering all over my skin. feel your last gasping breath next to my ear feel the hair rise on my neck so close that they poke you in the eye and im the one to close your eyes cross ur arms over ur chest when youre gone when the lights behind ur eyes flicker out for the last time id have usen it to light a cigarette. plant it between your cold lips. if thats gonna be me im okay even if you die. because youre kind if evil. even though i love you. kind of evil. nasty.
Sky Yang
Written by
Sky Yang  18/F/NYC
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