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Feb 2019
Earth knowsΒ Β it all
After we will be long gone
Off the cliff to nothing
Not existed ever after
The Earth will ever exist
As the Earth exists now
Without an inch of doubt
Will be healing itself, for sure
Everything is healing
Earth is a self healing phenomena
Everything in nature is healing itself

Those ****** don't know
Or seem to not know
The fact that every beings are of same importance
Not less and not more
For eco-balance and integrity
For the sole truth Of the reality
Of beingness, of natural existance

Even if it is not for humans
Nature knows how to keep balance
We are the ones who are in need
The nature does not need
The nature does not need us
As much of the fact that we need
As much of the fact that we need nature
As much as nature needs other creatures
Despite us human beings

The morons getting it cutoff
The trees and oxygen
Negligence in the choices
In the choices of energy
Choices of ideal and choices in action
Best energy sources exist for sure
Yet are no mainstream
And set to alternatives
Suppressed in

Just to say the least
We need fresh air
We need oxygen
To breathe and to live
The true essentials
The basic needs
Needs indeed
Just to say the enough
Impossible without
The call as it seems
I dream for the change
And for the good
Alternatives now
Must be mainstream
Written by
Sachin Subedi  28/M/Nepal
       Fawn, M-E and A Simillacrum
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