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Feb 1
I took a brief moment out
to think about life since
the day that I lost my wife and no longer understand what It all about this
we'll all suppose love so much and be so grateful for living this life all I see looking through my eyes at this world
born dying lost crying killing staving selfish greedy money grabbing corrupt ambition
own self Importance whilst people die from cold on our
get food from food banks families whose  children are going to school hungry parents that have to cut the ends of their kid's shoes  
because their feet have out grown their shoes
and the parent can't afford new ones a school that has a food bank, not a tuck shop like when I was a
If I hear just one more comment from one of these Conservative stuck up life of luxury MPs saying child poverty Is down under their
Im going to go berserk there own greed blinds them from realities of the world average joes have to
all I can say stop the world I want to get off don't want to carry on this journey to where we
look like certain disaster to me I'd rather not see where It's all going to end
I will skip that one If you don't mind
MPs that don't live In the real world Im tired of the things I see everyday corrupyion
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
   M-E, Fawn, Sparkle in Wisdom and Perry
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