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Feb 2019
Filled with beauty.
Filled with admiration.
An admiration louder than scorn.
These yellow giants stare at their goddess in awe.

They’re happy flowers with smiley faces,
sun praising angels.
That when their goddess’s light is unveiled, they shower in her glistened kisses.
Though when she leaves, they sense her absence, and are left with the feeling of unpleasance.

Such graceful worshippers can’t help but embody the sun.
Amber, a sort of honey glow color, within each petal, of each sunflower.
Sky high, it’s green stems towers it’s environment.
Towers it like an ocean-cliff.

Vibrant and warm.
As free as air, they stand tremendously stunning and yellow.
That yellow.
The yellow from a lemon.
The yellow so bright, so alive,
like their goddess’s.
These yellow flowers,
These yellow giants,
Are the sun’s very own yellow guardians.
Written by
   Fawn, ryn and ---
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