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Jan 31
Blank slate, new canvas. New page, blank mind.
Why is it, with at least half my vision, I'm so blind?
I choose to see what i want, and only that.
Like trying to see the entire world, from the viewpoint of a rat.
But instead of noticing my blindness, I just yawn.
Why must it be so obvious, I'm not special, just another pawn.

I'm just me, a small man, with no sense of shame, that has absolutely no game.
No matter what I do, i feel Ill be stuck under a shadow.
Got two super successful parents, both with an extensive amount of ammo..
So what do I do, if i don’t make it big?
No billboards of my name, my lady hates the crib
Well, sorry to say, but,
I don’t feel, life has ever been a challenge.
Sure, no gold on my wrist, but by God I’ll manage.
Just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs.
Wait to finally be stricken dumb.

Ugh…. Realizing self-expression, is sin, almost as much as drinking copious amounts of gin.
With a simple action, of derring do, I wonder if I, could eventually earn you. Because i haven't done ****, in my eyes, but perhaps you were just a kind surprise.
A beautiful dawn, before a sunset, a chance at life, perhaps I'm not done yet.
Maybe we could be something, last forever, because i heard true love, will always endeavor.
So how do we do this, can we truly be apart when together, please don't look to me for answers, though normally I’m quite clever.
Perhaps we should run away and hide, and somewhere far, far away, I’ll make you my bride.
When it rains, it doesn’t pour…
Maybe I should stop talking about giving up,
Because I don't want to end up at the end of a red solo cup.

I hear your ragged breathing,
Turns out your just like me…
We both spent last few nights bleeding.
Nothing but funny, don’t you agree?

What was it like, being young?
I never had that, have always felt like a loaded gun.
My words like bullets, shooting out to ****,
You should stop reading, from here it’s all downhill….

I'm not Disturbed, that’s a band, good one at that.
What do you mean you just can't love me?
When you talk, you sound like a ******* bureaucrat.
Your talking about my life oh so carefree!

Can’t you see, I’m a monster, that can't stop myself from loving her?
But who is she? God, life moves in such a blur.
Can you save me, lover?
Can you help me RECOVER?
Can you give me a drop of life,
Save me from my pain and strife,
Or just stab me through, with a knife...

What's the point, you don't even know me,
And when you talk, i hear the calls of a Banshee.
Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.
And I'm sure when you find the one you truly love, you'll agree.

So, good bye, forlorn lover, see you at the end of the road.
I’m sure we shall see each-other again, in God’s abode.
I will truly miss you, so please, be at peace. I love, and miss you,
Postal Leo
Written by
Postal Leo  16/M/Good Ol' Texas
(16/M/Good Ol' Texas)   
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