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Jan 30
Long ago someone stole some of my years
and with them, all the friends I didn't had
all the games I didn't played
all the loves I've never felt
all of my rainy days by the window
and all my sunny days in the water
So I went from a little kid to a cold grown up
heart of stone and eyes of steel
making a dam with all my tears
hiding away in the dark
and all of that because they wanted to laugh
Yeah, I know this doesn't rhyme
Nor there are commas in the rightful places or the usual period
all of this is a mess way more that is a poem
but there is nothing I can do
since this is the way my head is right now
All those terrible days
where I was tortured for being me
when my loved books where tossed in the ***** floor
and a chunk of chewed bubble gum was stuck in my hair
They just keep coming back
and back
and back again
and some more
until I'm nothing more than a shadow of myself
Maybe it was my fault
how dared I to be different?
How I dared to be me when I clearly shouldn't?
I need to go now
bury myself some more in all these lies
lies about how all is so nice
and no, I'm not crying, it is a allergy
and no, these bruises were from a fall
yes, I'm okay mom
I'm okay
I'm okay
When in the truth, I wasn't even me anymore
Maybe one day I will forget about this
carry on with my life
but somehow I know
I'm going to miss all those years that never were
and feel sad for that poor boy
who died for me to live
Pedro Vialle
Written by
Pedro Vialle  21/M/Brazil
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