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Jan 2019
I once had a pair of imported, suede shoes, which fit so nice
Thought I was the most favored girl to display such
Girls envied and admired them so, which made me proud
Took good care of them, wore them with pride
Could not help but to show them off

As time went by they became too tight
Merriment and bliss turned to agony wrapped in distress
Though fashionably esthetic, and how I loved them so
They blistered my feet, made me bleed, caused me grief

I tried pulling, stretching... but was all in vain
As my feet grew, those **** shoes failed to expand
I tried to hang on to them, but they would not budge
Though it hurt me so and it broke my heart
Finally kicked them off
I ran barefoot instead
Metaphorical, my painful first marriage and latter divorce.
Luz Hanaii
Written by
Luz Hanaii
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