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Jan 28
Full marathon

Standing by the road of my  life
I witness
Here called in
this planet earth
Full of crowd
Running so fast
I don’t know where
They are running towards
But everyone seems
So busy
In this full marathon
Running  to win
The possessions
The positions
The accumulations
More than we need
More than we can digest

With so much greed
Attachments hatred
Thinking they live here forever
Hardly I see love being carried
I just watch
Only a few reach the destination
That is
Self realization
All I do is
Just watch this full marathon
Of life standing by the road
Of my life
At times when I forget
I end up being a runner too
But my breath reminds me
I pause
And watch again
My temporary hotel
Called body
How long I am
On vacation
Seems watching
Is more fun than running
Because I know
Nobody is winning here
Only running only running

I run half marathon few times a year I love it
But I see the Marathon on the road of life
Written by
Sobbingsoul  F/Cosmos
     Moonlight, Poppy Halafihi, Perry, M-E and Lily
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