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Jan 28
I will wait and hold on a little longer
Watch and hope this time both can be stronger
For the **** of it I'll give you one more chance
Love you too much to break the trance
The way I'm captured under your spell
Has me trapped within a cell
I start thinking then I can't stop
Done shedding tears for you, not one more drop
I think I deserve truth-you owe me at least that
Love you more than you love me that is a fact
Letting go is looking like the only option left
Solitude the outcome so challenging to accept
That is the last remaining way I see out
Already given too many chances to count
You have no clue how much effort I've put in
If it is meant to be it will be in the end
Until you take the leap and are ready to be sober
The commitment we have in our relationship will be over
It is my life at stake and that's the reason why
I mean it when I swear to you this is our FINAL try..
I'm done with you for good this time
I know I've said it before
But you can't give me what I need
And I can't take the heartache anymore
Written by
Amanda  23/F/Alaska
   L B, Perry and M-E
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