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Jan 27
i think we all have that one great one. maybe it's someone who caught your attention when he walked past you but didn't notice you. maybe it's a friend you've fallen in love with, but he thinks you're better off as just friends, or an ex-boyfriend; even an ex-almost, but things just didn't really work out.

maybe you are someone's one great one, but you didn't choose him. but that's okay, because in this world, two beautiful things don't always seem to work together.

i think there's someone who got away or a great one who didn't stay, because we let them slip. because we didn't choose them. because we are looking the other way.

then, one day you're going to be in a relationship or married acting happy. because you went with someone available, or because you know you made the wrong choice. it happens. i don't know how rare, but i hope it doesn't happen to you.

we all deserve to be with our one great one, and i think when you find that person, you'll know. so when you do, i hope you choose him even though he won't choose you. i hope you don't let him slip away even when all he does is slip. i hope you don't let him get away even when that's all that he wanna do.

because i think, in this world where two beautiful things don't always seem to work together, can work out.
Written by
thejohnags  19/M/Manila
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