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Jan 26
so this is what it feels like to be sad.
my heart tortures itself,
it  does  not  sting  as  much  as  an  ant’s bite,
nor  is it as  severe as  an  open  wound, but the pain reverberates.
my heart throbs  
to the beat of a sad piano tune,
it’s in dissonance.
the pain in my heart does not **** quick,
i think
but i am certain it drains.

so this is what it feels like to love.
my brain becomes unable to do most of  its basic  function,
I lose most of my self and
yet find parts of me I did not know existed, I associate every thing that I see with  Love,
and love everything that I see
I have  been  able  to live  without  Love since I’ve  come  to life,
now, I do not want to

so this is what it feels like to feel.
i’ve come across happiness,
happiness beyond belief.
happiness beyond reason
just the word makes me think of you,
Love you taught  me  how  to feel.
Written by
imai  18/F/Philippines
       Traveler and Johnny Noiπ
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