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Jan 26
The wanderer's memoir 05: Reading The Madman

      You asked me on dreams:

      Wandering in the landscape of my sleep
Seeking for the meaning in oak trees
Leaves strummed a strangely soothing rustles
And twigs snapped at me, under my feet; My apologies
Too late. It fell in an irreversible, absolute silence.

      A pure, verboten green lands
Hovering in the everlasting stillness
A book in my hands, folding time in an oblivious state
Under the gentleness of a shadowing tree
Holding me under its arborescent wings
Nature sheltered me in it's nest as towhee's offsprings
And The rays-the fine golden strings-
Perched on my genuineness as a kiss on my maskless face

      I kneeled for the shining blanket in the obscure mattress
Before it went away with the grass
Flickering between autumns and springs.
Inspired by:

A beautiful scenery of pine trees forest that I replaced with oak trees.

Gibran Khalil Gibran - The Madman
Written by
M-E  27/M/Morocco
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