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Jan 25
My mind is clouded with one word


And I learned the hard way
To stray from this path

Because, who runs with knives?

And I hear it in my mind

give it a chance
let go

But, I have

And it's soul crushing

I bare my heart

It is placed the same way the sun sits in the sky

I give up control

For a mirage?

When you trust,
You are naked

Where is your armor?

When they cut you
And you bleed

When the tears gather no sympathy

When you are left to fend for yourself

A self-seeking attack

I don't break down my walls

And the notion to, is laid to rest

I know I gather pity
I see souls trying to share their heart
To bring some strength back into mine

And I know it's sad

But I'd rather melt into the concrete
And be no more

Than let that pain scrape my skin, ever again
Ruth Cardenas
Written by
Ruth Cardenas
     Dimitris Sarris, juneau and Perry
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