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Jan 25
As the opportunities arise, I grow impatient
Wanting greatness ever so quick
Anxiety sets in
Living in a cycle wondering is this it
I see fear as failing every area regularly
I wasn't born to be regular
I know I'm great but am I prepared for the next step
Am I truly ready
I believe I am
I used to have faith
I used to have hope
Then one day I realized why should I hope for things that I know
If I know it's going to get done
Why stress it
Why not sit back and appreciate the blessings
You know, slow down and smell the roses
Seems like I blinked and 5 years went by
How did I end up here
How did I start up here
Am I great
Or am I just like everybody else
Not knowing what's next or what's left
When partners fade away and your journey becomes singular
I think I'm just as scared as everybody else
The unknown can make you that way
Lingering wonders of daily ideas
Game plans of my immediate future
I remember the dark days so vividly
Not feeling like this was real
Like everything was make believe
Do I really understand the powers I have
Am I underestimating myself
The cordial pep talker
The one who shines light into everyone else's day
Am I really doubting what I can do
What's wrong with me
What's right with me
Does it matter if I'm wrong or right
Is that type of caring a sign of life
Why do I want to be great so bad
What does that gain for me
Will I use my powers for selfishness or for promotion of others
Alot of these answers I KNOW
But why is it so hard to act on these answers
Will I continue to cause inexcusable damage
Will I continue to cross the Atlantic for bridge burners
Why haven't I settled down
Are my standards too high
When my opportunities continue to arise will I take them in stride
Where's my pride
I know what I am
I'm great
I'm chosen
I'm ready
Greatness awaits me
kirk Newman
Written by
kirk Newman  21/M/Maryland, USA
(21/M/Maryland, USA)   
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