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Jan 24
Welcome, my heart-broken peers
I see those eyes, filled with tears
Whether it was weeks, months, years
That you were in love
I understand, it feels like you can't cry enough
You gave your all, and all you got in return was a big *******
You never thought he'd be the one to
Come into your life and try to just pass on through
**** that person who hurt you
Because you don't deserve that, none of us do.

Anyways, I am going to help you through this break-up
To help you to stop ruining that make-up
That keeps running down your cheeks
When he crosses your mind
By the time
I'm done reading this poem
I promise you will no longer think of him.

How to succeed in heartbreak.
First, get comfy on your couch
Or whatever whereabouts
In your house
You like to relax.
Grab that bottle of wine
Pour it into one of those plastic cups
Gotta have some kind of class around here,
We aren't pirates after all
But don't feel guilty drinking the whole bottle
Or two if you need it,
Throw it all back
Now that's the spirit.

After all that wine
You might start to cry
But that's okay,
Let it all out
No matter what those tears are about
Curse that *******'s name
Until you feel yourself going insane
Open your window
Scream it into the shadows
Of the night
It's what he deserves
For having the nerve
To **** with your heart the way he did
Keep it going, it's good riddance
You'll feel better once you did it.

Maybe download tinder for a while,
Use a model's picture for your profile
Swiping at whoever you please
Get those matches high, till your fingers start to freeze up
But never actually starting a conversation
Don't feel bad, they don't deserve an explanation
They're just a picture on a screen
But it'll make you feel better, you'll see.

This is the worst part, where you begin
To feel the heartbreak settle in
You look down at your feet
And you swear you can see
That your heart has literally shattered into pieces
I want you to pick them up one by one
No matter how much blood
Starts to drip from your hands
Trust me, I understand
That it's painful
But life is full of that.
Together, we will build a castle
Out of every single piece
Of your once fragile heart
Because you are queen,
And you better ******* believe it
And only a castle is fit
For you
And nobody else but you.

You are allowed to loathe in sadness, drowning yourself in wine
And scream his name deep into the shadows of the night
As long as you remember to pick up your remains
And rid yourself completely of his god forsaken name
Because you are ******* queen, **** heart break
Love is not allowed to destroy you, love is not allowed to take
Any piece of you, ever again
And that, my friend,
Is how you succeed heartbreak.
sorry for the very long poems. working on my slam poetry!
Written by
Madison  20/F
     Fawn, juneau and Perry
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