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Jan 2013
We put on aliases
Every day when we
Try and pretend
We aren't who we
Truly are inside

We give up a piece of
Ourselves each time we
Try and change ourselves
To fit someone else's mold
Or to fit in to the daily
Grind trying to fit in
And not be noticed

Sometimes it can seem
Easier to just go along
With the flow and
Never challenge your
Part or your alias
And the mask you
Put on everyday
To hide the true you

Ultimately it is better
To be yourself and to
Let go of everything
That tells you it is not
Ok just to be you

You are perfect just
The way you are
Every one has their
Own purpose and
Their own personal
Identity that wants
To shine through

Its when you let
Go of these aliases
And you start being
Yourself that you can
Be free of the trappings
Of the world and begin
To live life freely without
Any boxes or restrictions
To keep you from soaring
Free of the boxes and the
Aliases that control and
Restrict us in the long run
Ahmad Cox
Written by
Ahmad Cox
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