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Jan 24
Hey now
Im feelin alright,
Now I'm all down,
My life's too hard
It's too hard,
I'm good again
**** you shot me down,
And again
And again and again and again,
To the point I'm staring down
Then I be calling
But no one's answering;
Won't be long before I'm gone
Won't be long before I'm done
I'm gone
I'm done
It's processing
Take care

Get the gun
Go down like k. Cobain,
Inside my mouth
Brain splattered all about
No goodbyes
Maybe a letter,
Sent to death it might

Will they,
If they,
If someone's looking
Direct'em to the cemetery
Tell'em he's gone
Tell'em he's done
It's too late
So much weight
The pressure got me done.
I hide behind my laugh
Then won't be long before I'm gone
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