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Jan 24
I reach up and out,
Is there something that is darker than black?
Such a color that describes darkness at its' core?
I panic.
I cannot breathe.
I feel claustrophobic but nothing is close to me.
I reach out grabbing and clawing at nothing.
Wait there is something,
My fear widens because I cannot see.
What am I touching?
It is coming close.
I cannot grab it or push it.
It is hard and smooth but yet it is nothing.
It comes closer now above and below me.
No longer floating in nothing but standing on something,
Something that is nothing.
I gasp for air.
Now in front and behind me,
Above and below me,
It is squeezing me now.
Forming me into shape.
How can nothing force me to be something?
Forming me.
Molding me.
Cannot breathe,
Cannot escape,
Cannot think,
Can only scream into,
The Nothingness.
This is from my perspective of the anxiety I have dealt with throughout my life.
Written by
   mercy party
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