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Mar 2
No monsters lurk underneath my bed,
but many prey within my head.
Monsters of my own design
they lurk within and haunt my mind.
Whispering my deepest fears,
they follow me throughout the years.

I try my best to shut them out
ignore the vicious things they spout.
But every time they start to prey
they know the perfect thing to say.
Things that leaden down my heart,
things that come and won't depart.

They whisper deep within my mind
of things I've lost and cannot find.
Things gone wrong and things awry
they view my life and whisper "why."
"Why are you here, why not just leave
you're not even wanted, no one will grieve."

Temptation is there, opportunity knocks.
So many options to leave this foul box.
This cage I've created that lives in my head,
this small voice that whispers, "You're better off dead."
But **** them completely, at least for today.
For at least one more sunrise, I've chosen to stay.
Written by
Lorrin  21/F
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