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Jan 23
i asked him

how he stood on the shore

of the ocean

and let the waves crash around him

(i was afraid i would be pulled under)

i asked him

why he always wore white

how those fabrics

seemed to shimmer with every color

and none at all

(i was afraid to stain my clothes)

i asked him

if those trailing tears on his cheeks

ever stung as they fell

(i was afraid to let them see my own)

i asked him

how he got

his big beautiful wings

how he soared so smoothly in the skies

(i was afraid of those herculean heights)

he told me there were times

he had inhaled the salty water

blood had stained his clothes

his tears had left scars in their wake

and he had flown too close to the sun

and when he talked

every word fell on my skin

like a star from the heavens

and when he stood in front of me

i was no longer afraid

to touch

an angel
Written by
Tiger Striped  16/F
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