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Jan 2013
resist every urge
the urge to fight back
the urge to be complacent
the urge to get ****** up
the urge to be sober
the urge to stop sniffing,
stop smoking, stop slipping,
the urge to be better
the urge to be awful
the urge to **** everyone
the urge to **** no one

find balance, find balance, find balance
tell me one more time, tell me once more, go ahead, tell me

i'm not blind and i haven't forgotten
what it means to listen,
to listen
and actually hear,
to hear
and actually process,
to process
and actually understand

you can be as brilliant as you
are beautiful, as beautiful as you
are bold, as bold as you
are benevolent,
it doesn't mean anything if you
haven't got the means to mean
what you say and say what you mean

somewhere along this long road
i missed the lesson of self control
and jesus christ, if it isn't true
what they say about teaching an
old dog new tricks
Written by
Quinn  Bremerton, WA
(Bremerton, WA)   
   JM, Joel M Frye and Nicx
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