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Jan 23
Elegant roses with petals so bright.
I think about you often you left in the night.
You said I didn't care but you didn't either.
I'm tired of being sick.
Am I running a fever?
I was once a strong beliver in someone above.
Now I can't see past the stars.
I think about love.
I'll drink in the night; sing in the morning.
I have a lot of problems, but cant start the mourning.
Warning signs keep me awake all the time.
Because I don't wanna be alone when I die.
So I have made a goal.
I think about it often.
It's already been done.
Believe me it's important.
The key to my sadness is what drives my life.
Metaphors and smiles are what I show outside.
I cant sleep alive, and I dont dream about death.
Maybe one day I can see you again.
It could be the first time, but its probably the last.
I won't know until the time has past.
So I'll sit around with my pack of Turkish Royals.
Thinking of you.
Thinking I'm Royal.
Jonathan Campbell
Written by
Jonathan Campbell  22/M/Texas
   Perry, M-E and sierrawasNOThere
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